dinsdag 12 oktober 2010


Today we have made an company visit to CLEM regarding our questions about producing our units in plastic. We have learned that injection moulding is only to be used on mass production (~9000 units). Also, his suggestion was to make the parts out of wood. Because this part is much easier and cheaper to make in wood.

Quote: “You only want to be using plastics for freeform shapes and not basic straight units. We can make it though, but it’ll cost a lot more in plastic than it would in wood.”

With this extra knowledge in the back of our heads, we headed back to our IF-lab to think about what material we are going to use.

A solution was to use wood veneer layers and shape it into a mould. When you are using wood veneer, you’ll get an exclusive wood texture that feels very natural.

Tomorrow (day VIII), we will start making the mould to put the wood veneer layers in and let it harden. It’s going to be a busy and hopefully a productive day without any delays.

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