vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Day V

Time for educational moment in the busy IF week. The team has a workshop around plate techniques. How to connect plastic plates together on a efficient way without melting them together. This was very interesting to know and will come in handy to make the prototype.

In the afternoon, there was a presentation given by Bart Grimonprez about 3D prototyping techniques.

What to expect next week?

On Monday we will roundup our research about how we are going to make and connect everything together. Explanation will be made in a storybook-like manner and presented to the jury.

From Tuesday till Friday afternoon, the whole team will be working hard on making the prototype come to life. Pictures and a short description will be blogged about every day to keep you informed!

From Friday afternoon until the evening, the whole team will be moving everything from the campus to the paardenstallen for the last final jury moment. After this, the IF-week will be ended.

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