donderdag 7 oktober 2010

Day IV

Another day at the office, *ahum* school!

Today we have worked out a concept and a 3D drawing to simulate the possibilities of an modular toilet organizer. You can see that you can go every direction you want, make any shape you want. You can place it in a bathroom with toilet or just a toilet room. Any desired combinations and quantity is possible.

Research is still in progress about what the best possible solution is to efficiently connect each unit together and what’s the easiest way to mount the units on the wall. It is not necessary to make 20 holes to keep the units on the wall.

We also had three jury’s coming by to look at our progress we made from Monday (04 oct.) until today Thursday (07 oct.). The comments and results made us think about the little parts we didn't thought about or forgot in the modular process. Overall score was satisfying.

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